Apple May Take 2 Weeks to Fix Bug in New HealthKit Software

One of the biggest new features of Apple‘s latest mobile operating system iOS 8 is HealthKit platform, the company’s first major step into the health and fitness space. While the company has been calling on developers to connect their apps and its data to its hub, you can’t download any HealthKit-enabled apps from the Apple App Store just yet.

Apple told Mashable in a statement Wednesday that the company detected a bug in the platform and it’s not ready for launch. It could take two weeks to fix the problem with the new Health app.

“We’re working quickly to have the bug fixed in a software update and have HealthKit apps available by the end of the month,” a spokesperson said.

The possibility of a delay first surfaced on Twitter, when Brian Mueller — a developer for the fitness motivation app Carrot Fit — said in a tweet that he received a call from Apple about the state of his app, noting it wouldn’t be available for download because “HealthKit is just broken and isn’t ready to launch.”

“Sounds like HealthKit won’t be working at all this week,” Mueller added, according to Apple Insider. “And there’s no ETA for when a bug fix will go live.”

He has since deleted the tweets.

In addition to relying on developers to build apps for HealthKit, the company is reportedlyworking with healthcare providers at Mount Sinai Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins University and electronics health records provider AllScripts, too.

The news comes as Apple launched iOS 8 on Wednesday, a download that required up to 5.7GB of free storage space. As a result, people are scrambling to delete pictures, apps and music in order to make room for iOS. If you’re looking to make the upgrade and don’t want to delete anything, click here for tips on how to do so.

[Source]: MAshable


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