Is Android Getting A Makeover To Look Like Apple’s iOS?

  • Leaked screenshots show new icons for ‘Moonshine’ version of Android
  • Icons look more like those used on Google’s web sites
  • Expected to be unveiled on June 25th at Google’s developer conference


Leaked screenshots claim to show the next version of Google’s Android software have leaked online – and it appears the firm has taken a leaf our of Apple’s book.

The screenshots show newly redesigned icons with a ‘flat’ appearance – similar to Apple’s iOS 7 redesign.

They icons far more closely resemble those used by Google on its websites.

‘The rumor, if you haven’t guessed it already, is that Google will be changing the style of its launcher icons for Android apps to more closely resemble those of its web properties,’ said Android Police, which released these shots.

‘This new style, internally referred to as ‘Moonshine’ would see Android icons take on a somewhat flatter appearance.’

According to Android Police, the 4.5 update is known internally as Hera.

It will further integrate Google’s chrome browser into the Android software.

The search giant is expected to unveil the new software at its developer conference, I/O in San Francisco in June.

The ‘flat’ design was a cornerstone of Apple’s recent overhaul of its iOS software, a project led by British designer Sir Jonathan Ive.

The radical overhaul of the iOS software was the result of a huge power struggle within the company, which saw the previous head of iOS, Scott Forstall, outed in favour of Sir Jonathan.

Forstall was Apple’s senior vice president of iPhone Software, from 2007 – when the first iPhone launched – until last year when Apple announced he had resigned from his position.

Forstall launched the ‘skeuomorphic’ design of the iOS software, which uses visual cues that have been designed to look like physical objects, for example the ‘leather’ on the Find My Friends app, the ‘wooden’ bookshelves in iBooks and the green felt in the Game Center.

Now, it seems Google has taken the same decision.


[Source]: Daily Mail

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