F1 Malaysian GP 2013: Hamilton Embarrassed and Vettel Disobeys Team Orders and Wins

In an impressive end of the 2013’s second Formula One GP in Malaysia, team orders and Hammilton’s mistake were the main events of the race.

3 times world champion Sebastian Vettel ignored his team orders to stick behind his RedBull team-mate Mark Webber in the second position and managed to overtake him and lead the race till the finish line. The incident left Webber upset and he was seen giving Vettel the middle finger after the overtaking.

In a similar situation, Mercedes Benz driver Roseberg who was in 3rd place behind Red Bull drivers accepted his team orders to let go his position to team-make Lewis Hamilton to grab a podium by the end of the race.

But Hamilton, who left McLaren this season, seemed to have missed his old team, making an embarrassing move when he came into the pits on lap 7 only to stop at McLaren’s pits leaving their crew who were ready for Button in huge shock.

source [dailymail]


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