First ‘Car GPS’ with Augmented Reality: this is how it looks!!

Ever wondered how would Augmented Reality and GPS look like when combined together at the front of your car’s windshield? Pioneer is bringing it to reality with laser-projected heads-up display that shows driving directions just above the road itself, making sure that you focus on what’s in front rather than squinting at the LCD off to the side.

[If you do need to look at that LCD, however, you’ll get yet another augmented reality view if your car has a camera up front, more detail about the route and a new speed limit sign alert system. The usual rounds of DVD media, iPhone/iPod playback and 1Seg over-the-air TV tuning are also on tap. Buying either of the new HUD-equipped GPS units will require a deep wallet, some patience and an airplane trip to Japan, however — the 2-DIN ZH99 and dual 1-DIN VH99 cost $3,770 and$4,021 respectively, and their late July release isn’t known to include the US at this stage. Source]


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