Lebanese Basketball Future at Stake: Riyadi Withdraws

Riyadi withdrew both their Men and Women’s teams from the Lebanese Basketball Championship after the Lebanese Basketball’s Federation decision to ban Ismail Ahmad for one game and postpone their game against Anibal to Friday and move it to Antranik’s court. FLB’s future will be the subject of today’s meeting between Minister Karameh and representatives of both Riyadi and Mouttahed clubs.

Riyadi are hiding behind the federation’s decision and ignoring that most of the problems are occurring due their crowds behavior, making every game look like a preparation for a civil war and playing basketball in the name of religion and allowing politicians to be raised on the shoulders on the stands during the games not to mention the attacks on other teams players. I think the club need to learn how to lose. while other teams have been working hard to improve their performance like Champville and Anibal, Riyadi were hiding behind their supporters acts and sleeping on glories of the past.

[ Update ]: looks like all issues were solved ” a la libanaise ” the game will be played on Saturday. Ismail will be allowed to play after he issued an official appology from the federation.


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