Non-Classic Result of the 6th El Clasico of the Season

Real Madrid became very close to their first La Ligua title since 2008 and they did so after an extraordinary victory over their all-time rival Barcelona defeating them 2-1 in their own field. Khdeira and Ronaldo scored for Real who are now 7 points ahead in La Ligua with only 4 games remaining.

Real Madrid’s official website commented on the game “Real Madrid were dubbed Best Club of the 20th Century for a reason. The team has won nine European Cups and 31 league titles thanks to performances like the one they gave tonight at Camp Nou. The team gave a football masterclass against Barcelona and grasps the league title with the tip of its fingers.”

while this is what the players and the assistant coach said after the game (Mou once again did not shoe up at the press conference):

Karanka: “These three points are important for us in the championship and they make us confident”

Khedira(scoring Real’s record breaking 108th goal in La Ligua this season): “I scored an historic goal, but the victory is what really counts”

Cristiano Ronaldo: “The team gave an exhibition performance tonight”

Casillas: “We’ve taken a gigantic step forward in La Liga by defeating Barcelona”


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